Introducing An Inspirational Place for Children to Learn: A Playground

Nov 5, 2019Projectors, Visual Instruments

Has this happened to you? You look forward to an important presentation – only to find yourself struggling through a series of poor quality projected images? Perhaps under dimmed lights, with drawn shades? Under these conditions, it’s difficult to read text and make out images. Concentration tends to wane – not only spoiling your focus, but also your understanding of the subject.

What’s more, you may have suffered with tired, irritable eyes – which is the unfortunate consequence of what’s known as the “rainbow effect”. Read on for details of this effect. This problem is inherent in 1-chip DLP projectors and, with prolonged viewing, might also cause headaches.

Driving young imaginations

Imaginia Playland helps children to learn through technology-infused spaces; providing experiences through activities that spark inner creativity. Featuring 19 play zones, the attractions cover a variety of subjects, including art, literature, music and strategic thinking.
High brightness 3LCD projectors are utilised across the activities. Adding a sense of awe as they project brilliant images onto surfaces, they help provide fun, interactive and collaborative opportunities.
At Imaginia Townhall, one of the playground’s two main applications, Epson 3LCD high brightness projectors deliver engaging images onto a large panorama curve screen – enabling storytelling by immersing children in their imaginations.
The other main application, Wonder Car, uses mapping technology to allow children to draw digital doodles on a life-size projected car.
By creating giant-scale visual spectacles, blended from the projected images of multiple projectors in unison, Epson 3LCD high brightness projectors deliver experiences way beyond audience expectation.

Views from Imaginia and Epson

Commenting on the effectiveness of the Epson 3LCD projectors used at the playground, Ms Muanfun Sirikorn Kunawong, Project Director of Imaginia, said: “The projected images can be displayed on various surfaces and playing equipment, encouraging children to display their creativity. They are also free to collaborate with other children in their drawings, to build their imaginations together.”

General Manager of Epson Thailand, Mr Yunyong Muneemongkoltorn, added: “From the smiles of the children, we appreciate the success of Imaginia in using Epson’s technologies in a magnificent way.”

“Epson 3LCD high brightness projectors deliver engaging images into a large panorama curve screen – enabling storytelling by immersing children in their imaginations.”

A visible evolution

Developed and continually improving for over 30 years, Epson’s 3LCD screen projection technology helps to engage the brain by delivering vibrant and bright images. The latest Epson high brightness EB-G7000 series projectors feature advanced C²Fine™ and 4K Enhancement Technology* – bringing presentations to life in extreme resolution and vividness.

Successfully deployed at Imaginia Playland, innovative Epson projectors continue to encourage children to learn with happiness every day. See for yourself below.

A World of Possibilities in any Environment

Epson EB-G7000 Series High Brightness Projectors:

A new perspective on clarity, durability, and versatility.


Enhanced Image Quality

See every detail with great colour brilliance, made possible with the integrated innovative C²Fine™ and 4K Enhancement Technology*

Resilient Durability

Inorganic LCD panels and Epson’s optimised cooling system guarantees you 24/7** performance of 20,000 hours or 3 years, depending on whichever is fulfilled first.

Versatile Projections and Placements

With the ELPLX01 zero offset ultra-short throw lens, project clear and vibrant images in any space-constrained environment.


* Only applicable for selected models in the series.

** 20,000H life for laser light source: Approximate time until brightness decreases 50% from first usage. Measured by acceleration test assuming use of 0.04 – 0.20 mg/m 3 of particulate matter.


To find out more about Epson EB-G7000 series high brightness projectors,

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