Industry 4.0: Automation for Long-Term Business Sustainability

The recent pandemic has influenced shifts in supply chain priorities, from efficiency to resilience, in which the current trend is to look at supply chains from a bottom-up approach.

Phi Automation optimises production capacity with Epson’s SCARA Robots

With the push to modernise and transform Thailand’s manufacturing sector, the demand for robotics and automation technology has grown. This is consistent with a Forrester Consulting study completed in 2020 which confirms that two-thirds of the 270 manufacturing companies surveyed seek to increase their robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities.

P.T. Matahari Megah adopts Epson’s SCARA Robots to boost productivity and enable production of more complex products

PT. Matahari Megah is an engineering company based in Tangerang, Indonesia, engaged in the production of cost-efficient customised automatic machines for its growing list of customers in Indonesia’s engineering and automotive industries.

How businesses win by investing in greener technology

The pandemic has changed our world, and along with it, a marked shift in what customers and consumers value in the companies, causes and...

How Epson Robots Are Revolutionising The Assembly Line – A Robotics Case Study In Singapore

By bringing in just ten Epson robots, the Singaporean SME manufacturer was able to more than triple its production capacity while...

How AI And Robotics Are Transforming Factories Of The Future

In the age of Internet and globalisation, consumer demands for customised and unique products are pushing manufacturing companies...

Revolutionising Manufacturing Through Robotics

Google’s “AlphaGo” computer programme recently defeated the human world champion of the classic board game Go. This extraordinary feat...

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