Point of Sale - POS

Read the Fine Print: Futureproofing Cybersecurity Measures for Retail Receipt Printers

Cybersecurity has emerged as one of the most urgent concerns in the modern era. From the increasing use of cloud applications and services to a growing remote workforce as part of digital transformation, the global corporate reliance on technology is set to accelerate.

Sales on the Go with Intelligent POS Printers

Businesses across Asia Pacific are looking to gain an edge and loyal customers with the best experiences. Today, mobile point-of-sale (POS) printers can make a mighty contribution.

A few ways that Epson’s smart POS solutions are transforming customer experience

Traditional point of sale (POS) printers are simple machines. They connect with sales terminals and use ink ribbons or heat to print basic...

Making Food Ordering An Excellent Experience

We find out how the Epson TM-M30 printer helps Tabsquare deliver a better customer experience for Old Town White Coffee restaurants...

How Epson Printers Are Powering Up Local Business In The Philippines

So dependent have we become on electricity, imagining a world without it is an almost impossible task. It gives us light, protects our...

Globe Telecom Boosts Customer Engagement With Interactive Queue-busting System

Globe Telecom, one of the largest telecom operators in Philippines, was looking for a business solution to their long queues at...

Transforming The Customer Experience With Mobile POS Solutions

Right across the region, the retail sector today is facing unprecedented challenges. Today’s digital customers expect a richer and...

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