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Jul 31, 2019Point of Sale - POS, Printers & Scanners

We find out how the Epson TM-M30 printer helps Tabsquare deliver a better customer experience for Old Town White Coffee restaurants.

Imagine giving your order at a restaurant to a waiter who knows the history of everything you’ve ordered and thus can suggest a personalised menu of food items totally customised to you. Sounds impossible? Maybe it would be for a human, but by using technology powered by artificial intelligence, this has become a reality today.

One of the leading tech start-ups that’s been developing AI solutions for over 300 restaurants is Tabsquare. Restaurants use Tabsquare’s Smartkiosk, which is a self-service kiosk, to enable customers to place orders through a machine which offers them a personalised menu.

The kiosk’s printed receipts are vital to its self-service Smartkiosk ordering solution, and Tabsquare has partnered with Epson to leverage on Epson’s superior printing capabilities to make sure that the print-out that their customers get at their kiosks when ordering are always printed reliably and of high quality.

Such self-service kiosks like Tabsquare’s Smartkiosk are getting more widespread today as restaurants turn to self-service solutions to reduce the number of people the need to hire by replacing staff with kiosks, while customers can also enjoy faster service by ordering via self-service kiosks.

Old Town White Coffee is one of Tabsquare’s clients. The quick service restaurant is known for its breakfast favourites like white coffee and toast, along with heartier rice and noodles options, all served with a dash of the traditional Ipoh coffee shop charm.

Over the years Old Town has revolutionised its store concept to become a more polished and modern eatery. As part of its strategy to modernise its business, Old Town White Coffee installed the Tabsquare SmartKiosk solution in their Suntec City branch in 2018.

The SmartKiosk solution enables customers to place orders through the kiosk and the orders are printed out on the Epson TM-m30 printers. “Old Town operators rely on the POS printer and receipts to communicate the order to the kitchen and the customers,” says Madeline Tay, Marketing Manager, Old Town Singapore.

The SmartKiosk is a high-tech ordering solution that enables Old Town customers to enjoy a more personalised ordering experience. The SmartKiosk uses facial recognition to identify past customers, capturing past ordering history and then providing personalised recommendations. The personalised menu is achieved through the use of artificial intelligence, so the recommendations are dynamic, depending on the user’s preferences and time of day.

Other benefits for Old Town using the SmartKiosk include fast, error-free ordering, quicker table turns, increased revenue and reduced reliance on manpower.

With these numerous benefits of the SmartKiosk for Old Town, Tabsquare needed to find a suitable printer to pair with the system that would work for Old Town. The Old Town in Suntec City is compact and needed a kiosk that could be easily mounted in the store.

Most traditional kiosks are big and bulky, and Tabsquare was looking for a compact printer that could help them save space. “Epson being the leading supplier of printers in the world was the first choice for Tabsquare to approach,” says Chiraj Tejuja, co-founder of Tabsquare. 

“The Epson colleagues guided us through the entire portfolio of products and we identified the Epson TM-m30 as the printer of choice because of the Bluetooth connectivity. We didn’t need to use a direct LAN cable and could easily pair it with the Apple devices we were using for the order taking within the smart kiosk solution,” he said.

“Our customers look for stability and reliability in our products, and I am happy to say that since we’ve deployed the Tabsquare kiosk solution together with the Epson printer, there’s been not a single missed order or missed receipt,” he adds.

Tabsquare is impressed with the reliability of the Epson printers. “We’ve been using the Epson printers for one and a half years and the printers are low maintenance. There’s been no complaints of them breaking down, which is pretty good,” says Sankaran Sreeraman, a co-founder and director of Tabsquare. “The Epson printers were straightforward to implement. They were easy to install with no training needed. They are user-friendly, simple and easy to use.”

Like Tabsquare, Old Town is happy with the performance of the Epson printers that the Tabsquare SmartKiosk uses.

“Tabsquare has always been the forerunner in technology solutions for F&B, we value their support and believe that they will partner the best solutions providers such as Epson,” says Tay.

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