Epson Helps Small Businesses Reduce Printing Costs

Oct 18, 2018Business & Home, Printers & Scanners

Ms Lam Sze Wei, Business Director for Sales and Marketing, iT-DNS
Ms Lam Sze Wei, Business Director for Sales and Marketing, iT-DNS

With the new L655 ink tank system printer, security systems provider iT-DNS no longer thinks twice before printing documents.

Like many small businesses, iT-DNS has been grappling with high printing costs that could spiral out of control if left unchecked. The security systems provider, which has set up video surveillance systems at large scale events such as the National Day Parade, prints out hundreds of pages of invoices, quotations, reports, training materials and tender documents each month using two inkjet printers.

“We would often run out of ink after printing a few hundred pages, some of which include detailed maps of facilities in full-colour,” says Ms Lam Sze Wei, iT-DNS’ business director for sales and marketing.

“Over time, it became more and more expensive to replace the ink cartridges, so we started to think twice before printing documents unless it’s really necessary,” she adds.

“We were facing a dilemma, so we decided to buy a colour laser printer, which is cheaper from a cost-per-page perspective,” she says. “However, we found that its colour quality is not comparable to that of our inkjet printers, so we would mostly print in black-and-white and highlight important details with highlighters.”

The solution to her woes came recently when she got hold of Epson’s L655, the world’s first ink tank system printer capable of duplex printing. The printer helps small businesses improve print productivity and reduce paper wastage by churning out thousands of pages without a refill.

First unveiled by Epson in 2010, the L-Series – of which the L655 is a part of – is a revolutionary ink-tank system printer that stores ink in larger tanks outside the printer, rather than inside a print cartridge.

The result: the L655 can deliver an impressive yield of up to 6,000 pages in black-and-white with a single bottle of black ink, and 6,500 pages in colour using cyan, magenta and yellow ink bottles.

Ms Lam says: “I’ve been very impressed with the capabilities of this printer, which can print several hundred pages without any noticeable drop in ink levels. My experience with other inkjet printers is that the ink runs out pretty quickly”.

The ink bottles are reasonably priced too. A bottle of black ink costs$18.90 while colour ink bottles cost $9.90 each. That translates to a cost-per-page of just $0.0032 and $0.004 for monochrome and colour prints, respectively.

“The cost-per-page is even lower than that of our laser printer, which only prints about 2,000 to 3,000 pages with a single toner that cost about $100. With the L655, I can now print everything in colour without worrying about printing cost,” Ms Lam says.

“And since the documents are now in colour, we have also improved our productivity – by eliminating the need to highlight details in documents,” she adds.

Designed to keep up with the fast-paced business environment, the L655 delivers swift printing speeds of up to 13.7ipm for standard prints and up to 6.5ipm for duplex print jobs.

Ms Lam says she is satisfied with the swift print speeds, made possible by the L655’s PrecisionCore™ printhead that fires nearly 50,000 times per second.

High-speed printing, however, does not always mean a compromise in print quality. Epson’s PrecisionCore™ printhead can deliver print resolutions of up to 4,800 x 1,200 dpi, with high levels of detail and extremely smooth colour gradations.

“The diagrams and colours in the printouts are definitely better than the ones printed by some of the older printers that we’ve tried before,” Ms Lam says.

The L655’s features go beyond printing. It also comes with copying and scanning capabilities, letting businesses copy and digitise documents quickly using an automatic document feeder that processes 30 sheets at one go.

Ms Lam also uses the L655 as a primary fax machine, thanks to the printer’s Broadcast Fax and PC-fax functions, which can be used to send multiple documents simultaneously through a computer. A 100-page fax storage memory also ensures all incoming faxes will be received securely.

In summing up the benefits of the L655, Ms Lam says: “The low cost-per-page is a significant benefit that enables us to print tender documents – rather than read them on our laptops to minimise our printing costs. Its duplex printing capability also helps a lot in reducing the thickness of printed documents that we bring out of the office.”

The L655 printer comes with two years carry-in warranty, or 50,000 pages, whichever comes first*. This offers small businesses peace of mind, as there would be no additional charges for replacement parts, including the printhead, during the warranty period.

*Standard warranty period is one year, with an additional year’s warranty activated upon online warranty registration.

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