With Epson, B.C. Label Dares To Go Digital

Jul 16, 2019Label/ Press, Printers & Scanners

Thai printing company B.C. Label Print Company wanted to make the challenging transition from analogue to digital printing. Fortunately, they did not have to look far for the solution to their challenge, as the Epson printers they invested in fully met their needs, helping them to meet new customer demands.

B.C. Label is a long-time player in the printing industry in Thailand, having been in existence for around 20 years. The company prints labels for various kinds of packaging and what sets them apart from the competition is their ability to deliver the best quality product to customers at a short notice.

The company’s customers include businesses from the consumer product, electronics, beauty and food industries.

Running a label printing company in Thailand isn’t easy, as the label printing market in the country is very competitive. “We stand out from our competitors by excelling in our service,” says Chanin Piyathananukoon, Director of B.C. Label. “We may be a small player but we provide great product quality at a reasonable price.”

Mr Chanin notes that nowadays, consumer behaviour is always changing. There’s also a trend towards customisation of the labels being printed and customers also at times only want a low volume of labels printed. “So we need to adapt to the business trend of customers looking for high quality label printing at a cost that is reasonable for both us and the customer,” says Mr. Chanin.

The Thai printing company chose to use the Epson SurePress because it wanted to benefit from the printer’s digital printing capabilities. “Digital printing is faster, more flexible and makes us more agile to respond to our business’s requirements, which is why we chose to use a digital printing platform like the Epson SurePress,” says Mr. Chanin.

Mr Chanin chose to buy the Epson printer because of its strong brand. “When I think about ‘printing’, Epson came to my mind as the name for the world’s leading printing brand,” he says. “The Epson printer helps to expand the capability of our business offerings by enabling us to do shorter runs at a lower volume, giving us the ability to print on demand.”

Mr Chanin adds that he likes the fact that the Epson SurePress is also flexible enough to support various kinds of media while maintaining a high standard of quality. The printer’s colour tone is also accurate.

Epson SurePress Digital Label Printer

“I first heard about the Epson SureColor L-4533AW when it was launched at the Label Expo 2018 event. So, I contacted the Epson team and flew to Singapore to see a product demonstration, which made me decide to buy the Epson printer,” he adds.

The Director of B.C. Label is also drawn to the Epson SurePress’s ease of use. “With the Epson SurePress, getting the best quality when printing is easy because it’s mostly controlled by the computer. With this, my designer can effortlessly become a printing expert without needing to have a lot of design skills.”

Currently, B.C. Label uses their Epson printer for 8-10 hours a day, but they plan to extend that time to 24 hours to support their customers’ need for on demand printing.

“Our vision for our business is to do our best to provide a great quality product to our customers,” says Mr. Chanin. “To achieve this, we need to have a great partner like Epson.”

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