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Aug 29, 2022Projectors, Visual Instruments

Video conferencing has always been a crucial element of an organisation’s communication strategy. However, the recent pandemic has placed greater emphasis on the importance of having the right tools to facilitate a seamless video conferencing experience.

As hybrid work is increasingly preferred, video meeting apps, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, provide the basic platforms for employees to connect and work with each other and clients and they make remote working easy. However, to optimise meeting spaces and facilitate discussions for remote and in-room participants, it is crucial that the function is supported with an adequate laser projector that can be connected to a big screen display with fuss-free installation.


Tapping on visual cues

Being able to clearly communicate with a large team on a big screen in the conference room will enhance the meeting experience and make them more collaborative and productive by allowing all parties to connect face to face despite the distance.

For example, Epson’s business projectors such as the EB-L630SU supports Microsoft Teams’ Front Row feature with its 21:9 widescreen display ratio, which helps to bridge the gap between in-person and virtual attendees by maximizing and facilitating information and collaboration sharing among participants.

With the 21:9 ratio, you can now create a more personalised large screen experience and avoid having virtual attendees being stacked up, creating the illusion that everyone is present in the same room and have all you need for your meeting projected seamlessly in a large format – right in front of you. In addition to that, with the Front Row feature, the chat and reaction functions can be shown concurrently on the same screen, making sure that your meeting experience is kept natural yet elevated for both in-person and virtual attendees.


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What’s more with the 1.6x optical zoom and wide lens shift of V : ±50%, H : ±20%, you can now move your projector lens vertically and/or horizontally to perfectly project a straight edged-image with uniform focus – providing you the ultimate flexibility when it comes to installation. Additionally, with the keystone correction function, you never have to worry about your image being distorted into a trapezoidal shape whenever your projector is not centred directly in front of the screen. With the horizontal and vertical keystone correction, users may manually correct the distorted image so that it is perfectly rectangular during projection, with the touch of a button.

Images and visual components of a meeting often play a part in providing a clear picture of the discussion on hand or even spark an idea to push the discussion forward. With the EB-L630SU, you can also sharpen the image resolution to your preference with the flexible settings for image enhancement, so that the visual elements are projected exactly as they are intended to. The EB-L630SU, specifically, is a powerful 6,000 lumens projector with Short throw lens that is capable of high display efficiency without reduction in clarity — even in smaller spaces.



Users can select the panoramic screen to view all the content and parties, or utilise the split screen function which can connect a maximum of four devices at the same time. These are not only useful for collaborative discussions, but for formal presentations as well. With all the information in clear view on the screen, the quality of communication over the devices is maintained throughout the session and encourages participants to be interactive and contribute their ideas to the meeting.

More than just being a digital canvas, front-of-room displays help all participants feel included in the meeting where they have equal opportunity to engage and collaborate with one another in discussions whilst still ensuring that genuine connections are established with everyone involved. The EB-L630SU projector remote control can also be used as a pointer, so that you can easily call out important information on the screen by moving the arrow buttons to move the pointer around the screen. On top of that, the wireless functions in the projectors also make it easy to project directly from a smart devices if participants need to share their ideas or references from their own devices.



Maintaining eco commitments

Even as participants benefit from these technological advancements, Epson laser projectors are still eco-friendly and kind to the environment. Electricity consumption is reduced, thanks to the new laser diode and optical parts quality improvement, while still maintaining a stable light source output.

As the workplace of the future becomes more dynamic and fluid, the need to have open and undisruptive communication between teams and client should not be compromised. Whether they are in the same room, across Southeast Asia, or anywhere else in the world, quality business projectors will help to bridge the gap for a seamless hybrid experience.


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