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Feb 25, 2020Projectors, Visual Instruments

Ever visited an art show or museum and been wowed by the stunning interactive displays splashed across the floor, ceiling or even the entire building façade? It may look and feel like magic, but the secret lies in high brightness projection, which has the power to turn any surface into your own digital canvas. By partnering with artists and curators to create digital art in museums and interactive exhibitions, Epson is honoured to be part of the stories that are told through culture, art and history.


Connecting with a digital generation

For the generation who grew up with the Internet and are constantly surrounded by screens, traditional museums and art galleries can be a tough sell. While there have been debate about whether millennials really do have shrinking attention spans, Epson believes it is relevance they’re missing. People of all ages enjoy going to museums with friends and family, but many millennials today find them hard to relate to.

One way to bridge this gap is by incorporating digital technology into the physical gallery space. With this in mind, Epson has collaborated with JPWorld in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to provide the new generation with a one-of-a-kind experience.

JPWorld offers visitors a glimpse into parallel fantasy worlds through the technological magic of our Epson projectors . Interactive digital projections cover floor to ceiling in panoramic detail, inviting touch and instant interaction. These colourful dreamscapes engage imaginations and fuel creativity, providing inspiration through colour, image, movement and thinking. It is a visionary and technical marvel made possible by the flexibility and scope of Epson projectors.


Bringing stories to life

Epson’s high brightness projectors has also brought to life the timeless and compelling history of Thailand through interactive and immersive exhibits at Museum Siam in Bangkok. Our laser projectors produce impressive image quality and create rich colours. Large lifelike displays add digital enhancements to the exhibition pieces, giving visitors the chance to engage with history and learn more in a seamless journey of discovery.

“The main reason we chose Epson was because of the flexibility – to pick from their wide range of lenses to suit the different environments,” explained Thawatchai Vimolpitarat, engineering consultant and director for PM Center at Museum Siam. Installation is easy and their fit-and-forget reliability means they can be positioned even in hard-to-access areas with confidence. They also benefit from 360-degree installation flexibility and are quieter and lighter than the previous series.


The essence of collaboration

Digital art installations offer new opportunities for viewers to actively participate in the artwork. Key success factors lies in integrating touch, physical participation and social interaction for the end user. As they become essential qualities to make art successful, artists are starting to see more value in collaborating with brands. Using advanced projection technology like Epson’s high brightness projectors such as the EB-L1060UNL and EB-L1070UNL, artists and designers can play with the “real-virtual” boundary between the viewer, or “user,” and the digital dimension, thus fulfilling perfectly the essence of collaboration.

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