Here’s Why Inkjet Printers Are Essential In The Age Of Blended Learning

Sep 9, 2020Business & Home, Printers & Scanners

The recent resumption of classes comes with its fair share of new challenges, as students and educational institutions transition from a traditional classroom set-up to blended learning that maximizes both online and physical learning resources. Given the limitations of computer and TV screens as learning platforms, maximizing the use of printed materials is also critical for effective learning at home, and Epson’s multi-function inkjet printers such as its WorkForce series prove to be the economical and environmentally-sound choice for this.


Save big with in-house printing

Though online platforms paved the way for instructors to establish remote learning with students, printed learning materials like worksheets still play a major role in a blended learning setup. Given the large volume of instructional materials to be provided to the students, it is evident that in-house printing is convenient and advantageous for learning centers and academic institutions compared to outsourcing the service. Economically, in-house printing makes a lot of sense as expenses from reaching out to print shops add up cost-wise. Consider this: outsourced mono printing costs an average of P5.00 per sheet in some print shops compared to P0.73 for in-house, which is already inclusive of paper costs. Color printing at most print shops is at P10 per page, but when done in-house, cost per page is only at P2.09. If 20-page colored workbooks are outsourced for 20 students a week, that would mean spending P 4,000 weekly instead of P836. Having a dedicated printer for the institution or business is clearly economically sound, with savings that can run up to thousands of pesos over time.

Moreover, printing documents and worksheets in-house reduces the risk of copyright infringement, ensuring that no other individual or parties get a hold of the digital copies and eventually distributing these worksheets for their own profit. It makes learning centers and academic facilities self-sufficient when it comes to learning materials, while allowing students and parents to focus more on the studies and reducing their stresses of having to print the materials themselves.


Choose Epson’s Multi-function Inkjet Printers

When choosing printers, there is the misconception that laser printers are superior to inkjet especially in a commercial setup. Laser printers are usually perceived as heavy-duty printers that cost less than other formats. This may have been the scenario years ago, but with the advancements in technology, inkjet printers now have the speed and quality comparable to laser printers with the low-cost feature that inkjets are known for. Epson’s multi-function inkjet printers prove to be efficient, with the capacity to produce up to A3 size prints with a speed of 25 to 100ppm.

Laser printing typically employs a complex process from sending to receiving the print job. Inside a laser printer are several parts which require pre-reheating and fusing to melt the toner onto the paper. This process is the reason why printouts tend to be warm after the machine releases the paper.

Most of Epson’s inkjet printers, such as the Epson WorkForce Enterprise models, stand out from the rest with its next-generation PrecisionCore printhead technology. It is an advanced form of its Micro Piezo technology, which is present in every Epson inkjet printing system. Micro Piezo printheads eject droplets of ink via mechanical pressure without requiring any heat, separating Epson’s technology from all the other thermal inkjet systems.

The Heat-Free Technology in Epson’s inkjet printers allows for more productivity and more savings, with less environmental impact. A 2018 Meralco test done on the energy consumption of Epson’s AL-M310DN laser printer showed that it consumes an estimated P4.66 kWh, compared to Epson’s WF-C869R multi-function inkjet printer which only tested at P0.38 kWh. In peso terms, this means that operating a laser printer is a lot more expensive than an inkjet, as it could easily raise your electricity charges drastically. 

With blended learning now a reality for Filipinos, Epson’s innovative multi-function printers are the go-to ecological and reliable choice for academic institutions and enterprises. Learn more about Epson’s WorkForce series here or get them at Epson’s authorized dealer stores nationwide.

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