The Role of Print in the New Hybrid Classroom

Jul 19, 2022Business & Home, Printers & Scanners

How the Epson Business Inkjet printers help make learning more accessible and engaging in the new normal

Epson WorkForce Enterprise WF-C21000 / M21000 A3 Multifunction Printer


Throughout the pandemic, educators have realized that digitally-enabled instruction is crucial for today’s learners. While they had to adopt new tools and technologies, both in the classroom and beyond, they have also learned that there’s lasting value in the time-honored process of reading from the printed page. This is especially crucial for the Philippine educational system, as schools are slowly shifting to physical classes through a new hybrid and flexible setup.


Studies have found that students perform better in terms of both comprehension and retention when material is presented in print. In fact, many struggle to focus when they’re working with digital tools that require frequent scrolling, which can lead to skimming and fragmented learning. Despite the pandemic and online learning, print remains relevant in a broad array of classroom settings with students ranging in age—from our youngest learners to those in higher education.


To make the printed page and its benefits more accessible to students, educators need classroom printers that are affordable, convenient, and high performing.


“As print technologies evolve, it’s important to evaluate the diverse printing needs of every classroom and choose printers that will help learners foster creative and critical thinking skills,” said Ed Bonoan, General Manager, Marketing Division at Epson Philippines. “As a global technology leader, Epson offers a wide array of solutions for all industries. To keep the post-pandemic classroom productive and engaged, our modern inkjet technology is the trusted partner for the job.”


Inkjet technology as the staple for every modern classroom

As schools are gradually welcoming students back into campus, teachers are faced with having to re-learn how to balance sticking to the syllabus while remaining creative with their lessons and keeping the class engaged. This, on top of limited time and budget, are just some of the hurdles they may encounter throughout the school year. Educators need printers that can help make the most of every peso in the budget and every second in the day—and Epson inkjet delivers on both counts.


Not only do Epson Business Inkjet printers provide affordable, high-value color, and fast printing, but these products also effectively lower energy consumption in the long run.


“Some models offer the lowest-cost color printing in its class, while Epson’s innovative PrecisionCore Heat-Free TechnologyTM requires no heat in the ink ejection process,” said Bonoan. “This means that there’s no need to heat a toner drum prior to printing, which can greatly decrease power consumption during warm-up as well as active use.”


Epson Business inkjet printers are engineered for efficiency, reliability, and longevity—and with innovative technology that requires no heat in the ejection process and few moving parts, there is less downtime for maintenance.


Centralized and distributed printing as the solution to a high-performing class

With shifts in policies and regulations amid a pandemic, today’s schools have a broad array of diverse printing needs. On one hand, educators need to print classroom materials within schedule, in bulk, and in vibrant color from the teachers’ lounge or administrative office. On the other, it can be beneficial to provide teachers with the convenience offered by in-classroom printers. This is important for the Philippines, as the hybrid program requires a great need for high-performing, simple-to-use print technologies both for those at home and at school.


“Epson’s Business Inkjet line makes it easier for institutions to find the right printer that meets their needs,” explained Bonoan. “This takes many forms—be it a powerful and efficient workhorse in a centralized location that provides high print volumes with speed, in full color, and at the lowest power consumption in its class, or an impressive model that brings high-productivity color printing into virtually any classroom with zero warm-up time, or a low-cost, low-maintenance print solution for home-schoolers.”


Keeping the printed page at the heart of learning

At the height of the digital age, printing still proves to have an enormous benefit in the modern classroom. High-performance inkjet printers keep both students and teachers engaged in school activities—from syllabi and homework to announcements and display materials.


“In the Philippines where there is another great shift in the educational system, these high-quality and efficient digital solutions help enable teachers to perform at their best, and empower students to stay engaged in learning and work towards their achievements,” said Bonoan. “With Epson’s Business Inkjet solutions, the options are endless.”


Learn more about Epson inkjet printers for education at https://www.epson.com.ph/education.




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