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Jun 27, 2022Photo, Printers & Scanners


Whether it be smartphones or digital cameras, technology has enabled users to capture and develop high-quality photos, preserving moments that they can cherish and hold on to for eternity. These definitive moments can range from a baby’s first steps to landmark birthdays – in short, events that allow people to remember and relive the visual details of their various encounters in life.


Still, beyond photography which offers a great way to capture the happiest moments and preserve special memories, printing photos provides consumers with tangible memories that can be touched, felt, shared and passed on to future generations. Digital copies, on the other hand, often are too plentiful to hold much significance.


For industry professionals, preparing images for print and display is paramount to their craft – to have their works admired, appreciated and sold. Walk into any art lover’s home or office, museum or gallery, or even, a frame shop – these are just but some places where having exhibition-quality prints will truly make a difference to the vibrancy and details captured in the work showcased.


Besides, being able to see images in the flesh allows professionals to judge their work or art from a different perspective. Not only can flaws or areas of improvement be identified with more immediacy, but they can better learn to appreciate their work and talent in physical form too.


Technology Is Changing Photo Printing

With each breakthrough innovation, emerging digital technologies are significantly reshaping the world and the way people live their lives and work.


Photography and printing are among the many things that have gone through paradigm transformations thanks to the advancements in technology. In today’s ever evolving digital world, more photographs can be created and moments archived and documented, at much higher quality and efficiencies, as compared to decades ago.


Years ago, industries relied on traditional offset printing – a method of printing using aluminium printing plates to transfer ink onto a rubber sheet – which was lengthy and involved a lot of effort. Fast forward to today, with just a few simple clicks, digital images can be printed out immediately in the comfort of people’s homes.


To say that print is becoming a sunset industry or practice in today’s all-digital world is far from accurate. In fact, devices and even people these days are more and more connected through digital technologies. Thanks to advancements in both cameras and printers, there is no better time than now to print and give photographs and graphic designs the best treatment they deserve.


Innovation That You Can See, Quality That You Can Feel

Epson’s belief to continuously provide new value to customers through improving their quality of life can be seen from its many innovations in the space.


With a range of home photo printers designed and developed to produce extraordinary quality photographs with unprecedented colour accuracy, Epson helps to creates prints that will last users decades, making them heirlooms that can be passed on from one generation to the next. Technology comes and goes, and photographs stored on the cloud tend to get forgotten – but well-printed photographs can boost one’s happiness in a way that hard drives cannot.


Furthermore, Epson has a range of EcoTank Photo printers which uses refillable high yield ink, preventing the wastage of plastic cartridges. This range can also print on a wide range of papers from thin vellums, to fine art and photographic papers, to even posterboards up to 1.3mm thick – making it an all-in-one accompaniment for home users who are keen to preserve memories, DIY art and more.


The Go-To Printer For Impactful Visuals

At the professional level, the SureColor Photo Graphic Inkjet Printer features state-of-the-art technology that enables the utilisation of up to 99% PANTONE colours [1], can be used for fine art, graphic design and commercial proofing – helps to create standout images that are accurate in detail and superior in fidelity. This range is perfect for professional users who require vivid and vibrant colours with uncompromising image consistency, even when produced commercially at a high volume.


This is achieved through its advanced printhead technology that allows for high dots per inch (DPI) which translates to the capturing of great details, and no reduction in pixel dimension. Furthermore, from a business perspective, there is less wastage and reprinting due to customer dissatisfaction – minimising production issues. Essential for designers and businesses in printing and art industries, finetuning of colours and profiles can also be synchronised with the portable SD-10 spectrophotometer – a digital colour management solution that realises highly precise, vivid colour matching before printing is done to ensure exceptional quality with each print. The SD-10 provides accelerated spot colour matching and a user-friendly colour management system to help businesses save more time and manpower on printing workflow.


This range also operates with the Epson Print Layout software, which allows users to print on various types of paper. Equally important is that the SureColor P-series allows smooth operation and stunning print quality at affordable running costs.


With such a wide range of photo printing products that continuously exceed expectations while capturing precious memories – Epson will continue to accommodate different consumer and business needs with less waste, and more efficiency.



[1] Percent coverage of PANTONE PLUS FORMULA GUIDE solid-coated palette based on Epson Proofing Paper White Semimatte printed with the Epson Driver at 2880 x 1440 dpi. PANTONE coverage may vary when printed under other conditions. Model varies.

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